Mission Statement

Our mission at Metro Basketball is to promote lifelong success for each student-athlete by encouraging the positive values of hard work, commitment, respect, and teamwork.  It is our intention to provide a solid foundation upon which to build continued success in sports, family, community, and most importantly, life.

It is our desire for each of our student-athletes to reach their maximum potential as players and students.  We strive to give our student-athletes the tools and abilities to play basketball at the next level, whether that next level be on their middle school team, on their high school team, or at the collegiate level.  Our program is dedicated to providing our high school age student-athletes opportunities to attend tournaments which are attended by college recruiters.  It is also our intention to provide valuable contacts with college coaches in order for our student-athletes to play basketball in college.  Our hope is that our student-athletes continue their post-secondary education by attending the college of their choice and progress their sports participation to the collegiate level.

Athletics & Academics – UNITED!!